About Tugg Edu

Educate and Engage Through the Power of Film

Tugg Educational believes film has the ability to empower educators and enlighten students unlike any other medium. Tugg launched in 2012 as a crowdsourcing platform that enabled individuals to create film screenings at their local cinema. After thousands of theatrical events, Tugg Educational was created to serve the needs of the Educational and Non-Theatrical communities.

Now streaming, Tugg EVOD is the newest digital video-on-demand platform to connect educators, students, and libraries to relevant films and faculty-created videos through its wide variety of innovative features.

Films from Tugg’s library of award-winning narratives and documentaries are being used in classrooms all over the world to further spark the love of learning.

What We Do

Educational Licenses
Buy a DVD or Blu-ray that may be exhibited throughout the life of the media.

Single Screenings
A single public performance (one event) of the media.

Educational Streaming (EVOD)
Allow licensee to access media through a branded streaming video-on-demand platform for educators and students.