I VOTED? Presented by Katie Couric

This extra-long election season has passed, but the political discussion is not yet over.

Produced by Katie Couric, I VOTED? examines America’s voting systems. Most people assume that American elections get it right. But how do we know? Few citizens realize that American elections offer scant guarantee that votes are recorded as intended. While democracy does not begin with elections, it can end when we fail to protect them. The film asks the fundamental question, “How do we know our votes count?”

“Our democracy is fragile — both in terms of protecting it and participating in it,” Couric told PEOPLE on the subject of I VOTED? “If you don’t have faith and confidence in the institution of voting, that undermines the institution of democracy.”

I Voted Trailer

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I VOTED? serves as a tool to inspire conversations about United States democracy, a civilian’s right to vote, and the importance of voting. The film is available for license purchases and single screening rentals.

Subject Areas: Democracy, Political Science, Journalism, Government, Law

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