MOST LIKELY TO SUCCED | Education in the 21st Century

Tugg EDU is pleased to announce MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED is now available for educational and community screening sales. This powerful documentary, which premiered at Sundance in 2015 and has since moved on to countless film festivals, is now available for screening or purchase to share with your community.

MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED is a feature-length documentary examining the history of U.S. education, revealing the growing shortcomings of conventional education methods in today’s innovative world. The film explores compelling new approaches that engage students, energize teachers, and lead to deep, retained learning. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED was an official selection of more than two dozen festivals, and has since screened for thousands of audiences around the world, igniting conversations and inspiring change.

MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED is now available to order on DVD or Digital Streaming. Please reference the price grid below.



Change begins when educators, parents and students ask questions that create dissonance about current philosophy and practice. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED prompts those questions.

Pam Moran, Ed.D. Superintendent, Albemarle County Public Schools, Virginia

In a world that is increasingly innovative and competitive, MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED illustrates why we need to transform our schools, our programs and the prospects for our children!

Darryl Adams, Ph.D. Superintendent, Coachella Valley Unified School District, California

Improving schools is difficult. It requires extensive, candid dialogue with parents, teachers, administrators and the community, but MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED offers a powerful look at what is possible. Bring this film to your school, start important conversations, and set the stage for educational progress that will benefit everyone.

Kirsten Baesler, North Dakota Superintendent of Public Instruction

“MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED was the catalyst that drove a change in mindsets in our district. The powerful story helped us see anything is possible!

– Ross Kasun Superintendent, Freehold Township School District, New Jersey

Bring the Film to Your School

Since its premiere at Sundance, thousands have come together to discuss the future of the United States schooling system. Greg Whiteley’s vital documentary, a companion to the book of the same name by Tony Wagner and Ted Dintersmith, is inspiring school communities to re-imagine what students and teachers are capable of doing. Let MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED inspire your community to be used as a guideline to not only raise questions, but to test solutions and find hope in the possibilities.

Subject Areas: Education, STEAM