Tugg Educational Streaming (EVOD)

Tugg EVOD is an industry leading, video-on-demand streaming platform that enables educational institutions to digitally deliver Tugg films & user-generated content to educators, students, and staff.

After purchasing the streaming rights to one of Tugg’s films (check out our store to see what’s available), a member of our team will reach out to set up a customized streaming channel for you and your institution.




  • Data: Customers gain access to an admin dashboard displaying user analytics, title management, reporting and more.
  • Accessibility: Almost all of Tugg’s films will include closed captions and searchable transcripts.
  • Image Quality: Tugg EVOD uses adaptive-bit rate technology to serve the best quality stream for whatever device is being used to view the video.
  • Integration: Integrate links and widgets to your existing website and library systems. Tugg EVOD can be embedded directly into your LMS.
  • Authentication: Tugg EVOD can authenticate your users either through “IP authentication” or “Username / Password” authentication.
  • Clipping: Take a feature length film and create a shorter clip to be shared with students. You can also annotate the clips with additional information you’d like to share with viewers.
  • Playlists: Add multiple clips & films into a playlist that can be shared with students.
  • Downloadable Materials: All films & user generated clips can include downloadable materials within the platform such as a study guide, homework assignment, etc.
  • MARC Records: Download each film’s MARC record from the title page. All titles can be batched upon request.


A variety of purchasing options are available including single title pricing, annual subscriptions, and collection based pricing. Tugg EVOD is available to all students, faculty, and staff of the institution. Contact us for a custom quote based on your budget or free trial.

  • A La Carte: Select any title from the Tugg Edu store. Discounts are also available if purchasing multiple titles.
  • Subscription: Purchase access to the Tugg Edu collection at a discounted rate for a 1 year period. Each year Tugg acquires top tier content to build relevant and exciting collections for your institution.
  • Tugg EVOD Plus: Purchase a flat rate subscription in advance for the best rates. Build your own collection over 1-year or 3-years. Life of file options also available.

Platform Content

As advocates for innovative distribution, we strive to partner with the most impactful and relevant educational films released each year. As an educational partner, we are knowledgeable about the unique content needs of the educational marketplace.

  • Films & TV: Hollywood classics, blockbusters, indie favorites, award-winning documentaries, educational TV series, etc.
  • Instructional Content: Training and professional development for areas such as: education, the healthcare and technical industries, workforce training, classes for personal enrichment, and health & fitness.
  • Original Content: A repository and distribution platform for educator-created and locally-produced content.
  • Collections: Access high quality content at a discounted price by subscribing to collections. Curate your own collection based on curricular needs or purchase a collection in a subject area.