Tugg Edu FAQ

Questions about placing an order, promoting a Tugg Community Screenings event, or streaming Tugg’s films? You’ve come to the right place!

General FAQ

When will I receive my order?

Educational Purchases: The turnaround for an educational purchase is 5-10 business days.

Screening Rentals: Your order will ship to arrive a week (5 business days) prior to your event.

Educational Streaming: After purchasing a digital site license, you will be contacted via email within 2 business days with instructions for setting up your streaming channel which takes an additional 5-7 business days. For instant access check your email for the order confirmation or go back into your account to search for “My Orders”. You will see a “Watch Now” button for personal viewing until your channel is set up.

What are the different license types you offer?

Each film will make certain screening categories available for purchase:

Single Screening Rental – This allows you to host a single, public (PPR) screening of the film to an audience of your choice. Your screening fee will be determined by whether or not you are charging for tickets. If you are screening for an audience of larger than 250, please fill out our Request a Quote to receive a price quote for your screening. Because you are renting the film, you will generally receive a return shipping label to return the DVD or Blu-ray after your screening.

Educational Rental – This is the same as above, however it is only applicable to educational institutions. There will generally be different prices for K-12 / Public Libraries and Universities – be sure you’re selecting the correct license type when purchasing your license! Educational screenings must be free of charge to the public, held at the educational institution, and for an audience of under 250 people. If you are hosting a screening for more than 250 people, please fill out our Request a Quote form.

Educational Purchase – With this option, educational institutions can purchase both the film along with the PPR for the film. This means you can keep the DVD or Blu-ray, add it to your collection, and show it publicly in the future. Streaming license purchases are for 1-year, 3-year or life of file purchase but do not include PPR. If you’d like PPR for your subscription please contact us at edu@tugginc.com.

What is your Federal Tax ID number?


Can I get a copy of your W9?

You can download a copy of our W9 here.

Where is my receipt?

For orders made online log back into your account at educate.tugg.com and find the order under “My Orders” and click “View”.

Do you stream your titles?

Yes! Most of our films are available for 1-year, 3-year or life of file streaming, or through a subscription to Tugg EVOD. See the EVOD FAQ for more info! Streaming options do not include PPR. Please Request a Quote for a quote with PPR.

Where can I find your license agreements?

Please visit this link!

What is your return policy?

Returns are accepted for a full refund (minus any shipping and handling fees) within 30 days of receipt of your order. Rentals can be fully refunded PRIOR to your event date only.

Our DVD or Blu-ray is damaged due to wear and tear. Do you offer replacements?

Replacement copies can be purchased for 50% off.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Yes! Please email your institutional Purchase Order to edu@tugginc.com.

Do you charge taxes for tax-exempt institutions?

No – please e-mail orders@tugginc.com with the details of your order along with necessary tax exempt documentation.

Single Screening Rentals & Community Events

What are Tugg Community Screenings?

Interested in hosting a public screening at community, non-theatrical venue such as a school auditorium, library, religious institution, etc.? Simply select the film you want to screen from the Tugg Community Screenings library, choose the appropriate license for your needs (screening type, room size, number of showtimes, etc.), and pay the license fee. Tugg will then ship you the film before your screening! Once you buy the license, you are able to show the film when and where you choose.

When will my DVD or Blu-ray arrive?

For Single Screening Rentals, be sure to purchase your screening license at least 3 weeks before your event date, so that your copy of the film has time to arrive. Your order will ship to arrive a week (5 business days) prior to your event.

In case of an emergency, contact communityscreenings@tugginc.com to overnight a DVD or Blu-ray for an expedited shipping charge.

What qualifies as a “community” venue?

A community venue is any location that is not a traditional movie theater, i.e. a venue that sells tickets to movie screenings. Community venues include: educational institutions, libraries, religious centers, community centers, correctional facilities, museums, and more!

What if I want to have my event in a movie theater?

If you’d like to host an event in a movie theater, please go ahead and fill out the Event Request Form by finding the film in our Tugg Theatrical library.

I want to screen the film in my home. Do I still need to buy a license?

Even if the film is already available on VOD, streaming, or on DVD/Blu-ray, you must purchase a license to screen a film publicly (21 or more persons). Otherwise you must restrict the screening to a “normal circle of a family and its social acquaintances” (20 and fewer persons). For more information, click here.

What constitutes a “public” screening?

According to U.S. copyright law (Title 17, United States Code), “To perform or display a work ‘publicly’ means—(1) to perform or display it at a place open to the public or at any place where a substantial number of persons outside of a normal circle of a family and its social acquaintances is gathered…” So basically, you must purchase a license if you want to screen the film for any group larger than 21 people.

What is “PPR?”

PPR stands for Public Performance Rights. Along with your copy of the DVD or Blu-ray, you’re paying for the PPR license – the right to legally screen the film in public. For a longer definition, click here.

If I’ve already purchased a “Single Screening Rental” license and would like to show the film again, do I have to buy another license?

Yes, each “Single Screening Rental” license is single use – if you’d like to host another screening, you will have to buy an additional license for every time you show the film, regardless of if you already have a copy of the DVD or Blu-ray in your possession. If you’re looking to host several screenings of the film, please contact us at communityscreenings@tugginc.com to discuss a group screening discount. If you purchased an Educational Purchase license of the film, you can show the film publicly as often as you’d like as long as you have the media.

What formats are available for community screenings?

Tugg can facilitate community screenings with DVDs and Blu-rays, depending on availability.

Can I use a Tugg event page to sell tickets, fundraise, and create an RSVP list for my event?

Absolutely! Once you purchase a screening license, you will be emailed instructions for how to create an Event Page. By creating an event page, you can manage RSVPs for free events, charge admission for ticketed events, and/or use our platform to fundraise for the charity or organization of you choosing.

Do you test the DVDs and Blu-rays before you mail them out?

Tugg makes every effort to QC your media prior to your screening but not all equipment is made alike! Please take a moment at least two days before your screening and test the media by playing it in it’s entirety within the same location and using the same equipment. If there are any issues, please contact us at orders@tugginc.com as it may take a few days to issue a replacement. If we are contacted after your screening due to issues with playback we are not responsible for any lost fees. Always bring a back up laptop to your event with the necessary power cord, cables, and adapters.

What is the best equipment to use at my screening?

For the best picture quality, we recommend renting or purchasing a Blu-ray to be played on a Blu-ray player connected with an HDMI cable to a high-definition projector. (Blu-rays cannot be played on a DVD player.) Almost all computers and Blu-ray players should be able to play a DVD. Most computers and DVD players can be connected to a projector using VGA, DVI, or HDMI cables. Here’s a great article to help you decide which one to use. If you’re using a computer, make sure you have the correct cable adapters! Finally to get audio, you will need to plug speakers into your computer’s headphone port if you’re connecting your computer to the projector with a VGA or DVI cable. HDMI cables carry audio, so you will not need a separate connection.

Tugg EVOD (Educational Streaming)

What is EVOD?

Tugg Educational video-on-demand (EVOD) is an industry-leading streaming video-on-demand platform for universities, K-12 schools, public libraries, and institutions. Featuring titles from the Tugg Edu catalog, EVOD is the newest digital video-on-demand platform to connect educators, students, and libraries to relevant films and faculty-created videos through its variety of innovative features.

  • Accessibility – All titles include closed captioning and transcripts.
  • Data – Access to a dashboard displaying consumption numbers and reports
  • Flexible Pricing Options – EVOD offers a variety of purchasing options including single title pricing, annual subscriptions, and collection-based pricing
  • Integration – Integrate links and widgets into your existing website and LMS systems. EVOD can be customized with your school or library logo.
  • Additional Features Include: administrative dashboard, searchable transcripts, MARC records, playlists, clipping, annotations, and user authentication.

How is the streaming set up? How do I get access to the film?

There are two authentication methods for accessing your EVOD channel:

Username / Password: Anyone with access to your channel would visit the site, create a username and password, and have access to the film(s) you’ve purchased.
IP Authentication: Any computer accessing your channel from a range of IP addresses would have access to the film(s) you’ve purchased. The list of IP addresses provided would generally cover all computers used within your school, as well as a way for off-campus users to access as well. We’d work with your tech team to collect the list of IP Addresses needed.

When will I be able to access the digital site license?

After purchasing a digital site license, you will be contacted via email within 2 business days with instructions for setting up your streaming channel which takes an additional 5-7 business days. For instant access check your email for the order confirmation or go back into your account to search for “My Orders”. You will see a “Watch Now” button for personal viewing until your channel is set up.

Does the EVOD yearly subscription give us access to other films as well?

Yes! You will have access to all titles that get added during your subscription period.

How long can I purchase the streaming rights to the film?

We have three term lengths:
1-Year Rental – You are allowed access to the film for 1 year.
3-Year Rental – You are allowed access to the film for 3 years.
Life of the File Format

Streaming options do not include PPR. Please Request a Quote for a quote with PPR.

Can I host a Tugg film on my own streaming platform?

Yes, absolutely! Please contact us at edu@tugginc.com for more info.

Are there hosting fees?

Hosting fees only apply to life of file streaming option. There are no hosting fees for the first 3 years of use. Beyond 3 years, Tugg will charge a nominal fee for yearly access. Note: These fees do not apply for our subscription service.

What resolution is the streaming? Can it be projected?

We request the highest possible quality videos from our filmmakers. Videos are encoded in 1080p HD, 720p HD, and 480p SD. The 1080p version will look fantastic projected on a big screen!

How can I see a demo?

Please email edu@tugginc.com with your request!

Can instructors add a link to their films to their course pages?

Yes – our streaming platform (EVOD) allows all films, clips, and playlists to be embedded within your learning management system (LMS).

Are titles that we have licensed kept on our servers or yours?

The films are hosted on our hosting platform.

Do you provide MARC records and Closed Captioning?

Yes! MARC records can be provided through the EVOD platform and all films on Tugg’s EVOD platform include Closed Captioning in English. Some films offer Closed Captioning in other languages. This option can be selected on the bottom of the player.